NACHTIVILLE News - Info 2021 & 2022


Dear Nachtis,

we are used to sad news from the cultural sector. Unfortunately, we can't spare you with it either. But our first tears have already dried and we are looking forward to the future again when we tell you today: we will postpone the premiere of NACHTIVILLE at the Baltic Sea for one year and will therefore wait for January 2022 until we meet again.

We have not taken this decision lightly. In the last months we have worked intensively on solutions, discussed with test manufacturers, laboratories, the authorities and the park and had many interesting approaches on the table, how our festival can take place even in times of a pandemic. However, the basic requirement for all scenarios is that the number of cases is within a certain range. Unfortunately, exactly the opposite has happened: The number of cases is increasing and not only in Germany.

Under these circumstances, we decided to wait another year for our reunion at NACHTIVILLE. We think it is currently the only right decision.

At this point we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your trust. In the end, this encourages us even more to make NACHTIVILLE an unforgettable weekend with you that is worth waiting for.

All announced artists are on the same page and want play our festival in 2022 too! (Yay 👀)
We will come back to you guys as soon as the whole lineup is finally confirmed.

NACHTIVILLE will take place from 21.-24.01.2022.
The ticket holders* have already been informed directly. You can find all information about the rebooking process here.

Waiting list
Accommodation incl. festival tickets that will be returned are offered via our waiting list. Please register in the respective ticket category. We will contact you chronologically by e-mail as soon as and if the desired accommodation is available. In additon we have 20 hotel rooms available, which we will also allocate via the waiting list. It is recommended to be fast.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. We will also keep you regularly informed via our website and social media.

NACHTIVILLE T-Shirts and Nachti Christmas Gifts

We still have some NACHTI T-Shirts for you. Your new favorite shirt not only says about you that you have an excellent festival and fashion taste, but also accompanies you through all seasons in 2021 until we meet again in January 2022. In our Nachti Shop you will surely find other stuff to give to your dear relatives or simply to yourself. Surprise, Surprise!

We hope to welcome you all at NACHTIVILLE in 2022. Stay healthy!
Please don't forget your clubs and artists* and let’s stay positive together!

Love, your Nachtis