Frequently asked questions

I forgot to specify the extra bed in my registration, can I add that in the booking process?

Yes, you can. During the booking process you can determine which accommodation you’d like to finally choose and whether you need an extra bed.

I would like to arrive on thursday already? What are the costs?

We updated our ticket/accommodation pages and added the prices for the extra nights. Take a look here.

If I preregistered for an 8-10 bungalow, does everybody who is staying in this bungalow need to register?

No, registration applies for the entire accommodation. You register per accommodation and not per person. In summary, only the person who does the booking process for your entire group needs to register. They will then receive the booking link and take over the booking for the entire group.

I preregistered for an 8-10 person bungalow. Is it safe that I will get this housing option?

Unfortunately, this is not certain. The registration enables you to show interest in a specific accommodation and to get a booking link before the official ticket sale starts. With the booking link you can finally book the accommodation. Some of the accommodations will be booked out rather quick. Talk to your travel group beforehand and decide which accommodation could be an alternativ for you, e.g. if the desired bungalows are already gone.

I preregistered for an accommodation. Is it reserved for me now?

No. Preregistration doesn't mean that you reservated. By preregistering, you will have the opportunity to book your accommodation via booking link, before the official ticket sale starts. Everyone who has registered will receive this booking link, therefore some accommodation can be booked out faster than others.

If the event cannot take place, what happens to my ticket?

You can find all information here.