Preregistration - Ticket Sale

You can now book your Nachtiville ticket via our ticket page.

If you have any questions or special requests, please contact us via [email protected].

This year you have more choice in terms of price when it comes to apartments. Those who book earlier can also secure cheaper prices.

The festival program will again run for 3 nights, from Friday 6pm to Monday morning at 1am.

For a relaxed arrival, we recommend that you book Thursday and set yourself up comfortably for your weekend situation.

Additional nights are also possible after the festival.

Good luck with your registration, we look forward to seeing you!

Music Program

We start on Friday evening at 6 p.m. and end on Sunday night at 1 a.m. We plan our music program for the afternoons and nights. During the day, you can regenerate and enjoy the Baltic Sea.

We will publish information about this year's lineup over the course of the summer.

The main playing times of our floors will be between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. in the morning. For those who are more likely to make it out of the accommodation, you will also find highlights with us in the afternoon hours.

With 5 stages and the WaveCave, we have a diverse program that will make every festival experience very individual.

Due to capacity reasons, there are also separate tickets for the WaveCave parties this year at a price of 10 euros. We'll keep you updated on this.

We designed Nachtiville as a rave with a holiday, where you can experience a balance of festival and relaxation. Likewise, we deliberately built in game breaks for this purpose. We hope that this gives you space to relax and take a walk on the beach or two.

We look forward to seeing you!

Subtropical swimming paradise

The subtropical swimming paradise is definitely one of the highlights of the holiday park. The festival ticket also includes admission to the fun pool. You can go swimming, relax and have fun at any time during opening hours.

In addition to classic swimming pools, it offers a variety of attractions such as a wave pool, various water slides, a selection of saunas, a whirlpool grotto, the water play area "Water World", sunbathing areas and much more.

The swimming pool is also open to the public during the day.

In the evening there will again be our legendary pool parties for our festival guests. Due to capacity reasons, we will again provide separate tickets at a price of 10 euros.

We'll keep you updated on this. For your safety, we will also occasionally carry out alcohol tests at the entrance.

Payment options

When booking your shared accommodation, you have various payment options:

  • by bank transfer / on account
  • Paypal
  • Credit card with Mastercard or Visa

To make it easier for you to pay for your accommodation, you have the option of paying in up to 3 installments.

Please adhere to the following deadlines:

Deadline 1: 10 days after booking, 40% or 150 euros per person

Deadline 2: July 30, 2024: 30% or further 100 euros

Deadline 3: September 15th: Final payment

From November 1st, 2024 on the booking amount is due within 3 days (due to the proximity of the festival).

Drug Policy

Our drug policy is also an important topic this year. We are very grateful for the respectful and loving togetherness that has made Nachtiville a very beloved edition last year. We look forward to building on this. As usual, if you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

The drug policy is based on the special features of the festival location: The holiday park accommodates families who go on holiday most times of the year. Please respect that open drug consumption is a no-go here and we have to adapt an event like Nachtiville to this. Otherwise there wouldn't be a rave with accommodation and pool parties.

In summary, this means: No open consumption – your apartment, your castle.

  • Open drug use will not be tolerated and will result in exclusion from the event. Please consciously maintain boundaries.
  • We are officially obliged to carry out checks at the entrances to the floors. Please respect that the Secus will not allow entry if finds are found and this can also lead to exclusion from the event.
  • Leave the apartments as you find them. This also means that no substances are left behind. Please remember that families will be vacationing here again after you. The holiday park reserves the right to report violations.
  • Take conscious breaks. The festival concept is ideal and intended for this. Your apartment, your castle.
  • The sale of illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Dealers are kicked out!
  • Administering substances (including alcohol) to other people without their knowledge (Spiking) is absolutely forbidden and will be punished with expulsion and criminal charges!
  • Take care of each other, because we all celebrate together. Pay attention to your friends and also to the other people around you. Our staff (awareness team, Secus, DRK, bar team and organization team) are there for you and also connected via radio and can organize support quickly if someone is not feeling well.

We would like to expressly point out again that the Galeria, the swimming pool and the toilet areas are public and that there are also day guests from the swimming pool here. That means: no open consumption. Be aware of the luxury that everyone has a private retreat at this festival.

If you have any questions about the drug policy, please send us an email to [email protected].

Our Safer Nachti team is there for you if you have any questions or need support. Please read through our awareness concept (Safer Nachti) again. In urgent cases, the team can also reach you via the Safer Nachti Helpline:

+49 160 95077985.

Safer Nachti

In collaboration with access e.V. from Berlin, we have completely repositioned ourselves in the area of awareness and psycare this year. The result is an awareness concept that works with the conditions of the holiday park and is intended to make Safer Nachti as available to all festival guests as possible. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, we look forward to contacting you at [email protected].

What is Awareness and what does it mean to us?

We understand Awareness as an internal attitude, meaning that we strive to act not only during our shifts but also in everyday life according to the principles of openness, transparency, reflection, and error-friendliness. We seek to question and reflect on power imbalances, even within the festival, as well as various -isms. Individuals or parts of the crew undergo further training and see themselves as multipliers. We are aware that this is an ongoing and never-ending process.

Who is the Safer Space intended for?

As the name suggests, we want to provide a safer point of contact for individuals who have experienced physical (bodily), emotional, or structural violence at Nachtiville. This includes those who feel uncomfortable due to substance consumption. The space is divided into an Awareness and Psycare area. You can find the Safer Space in the "Haus am Park" on the ground floor.

It is important to emphasize that the Safer Space is explicitly not a chill-out area. If you need a break, please use your hotel room or the Ambient Floor.

Team Recognition

Awareness should operate according to the principle of "unobtrusive visibility." Therefore, it should not work in an overly vigilant and ever-present manner but convey low-threshold approachability through interval-like visibility in the areas.

Throughout the festival, you will find the Safer-Nachti crew in the Safer-Nachti room (Safer Space). However, we will also be mobile on the festival grounds. You can recognize us by white T-shirts or white vests with the holographic inscription – "Safer Nachti."

If, for any reason, we are not reachable for you, please contact the bar staff, security, the info point, or our emergency phone number. Our team is equipped with radios and will be notified.

Emergency Number / Safer Nachti Helpline

The emergency phone is staffed 24/7.

Emergency number: +49 160 95077985

If the number should be unreachable, contact security or bar staff so they can radio us.

If you are interested in reading the detailed concept, please write to [email protected].

Safer Nachti Helpline

If you need support but can't find a Safer Nachti team member or Secu, you can call or write to us via our Safer Nachti helpline.

You can reach us via the common messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, SMS) or call us at +4916095077985

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Interact attentively, empathetically, and responsibly with each other. 

We aim to create a safer space for all visitors, staff, and artists. The key to achieving this is for everyone to treat each other with consideration and take responsibility for our fellow human beings.

Respect and reflect on your own boundaries and needs, as well as those of others.

Regardless of the actions involved, only a clear and explicit "yes" means consent. It is important to act in consensus with all parties involved, meaning that consent must be clearly and explicitly obtained. Ask what is okay for the other person and what is not. This consent can be revoked at any time without fear of threats or acts of violence. This includes all uninvited actions (approaching, comments, etc.).

We do not make hasty judgments about a person's gender and/or origin.

We strive for gender-sensitive language. Language is dynamic, constantly changing, and reflects society. It is important for us to try to address and reach all people correctly. If you are unsure about addressing a person, you can ask them which pronouns and other self-identifications they use.

No tolerance for fascist and other discriminatory symbols.

Any form of sexism, racism, ableism, queer- or transphobia, or other discriminations, as well as physical and psychological violence, will result in exclusion from the event. 

This includes comments about others' appearance, presumed sexual orientation, as well as discriminatory language/sayings/symbols live or on clothing. We all act based on the power of definition and are biased towards the affected person. If an affected person perceives a situation as crossing boundaries, that is the reality. This means that the person is believed, and there is no "investigative investigation." The events are not doubted. This is an attempt to give the affected person the necessary security and self-efficacy to continue to be part of the festival.

No open consumption of illegal drugs.

Each of you should feel free, and at the same time, we want you to handle the issue of consumption mindfully and responsibly. This also means that despite all freedom, limits, both internal and external, must be respected. In general, if you think someone is not feeling well, ask if they need help or get help.

The holiday park is publicly accessible to all people from the surrounding area, as there are leisure activities for children and catering facilities. It is important to us that you internalize that the public areas of the entire park are not a place for open substance consumption.

Those who do not understand this and publicly consume will be expelled from the festival and are not allowed to enter the floors.

There are more than two genders!

All toilets are considered unisex toilets, meaning that the toilets are not divided by gender. These unisex toilets are either located within the floor (during playtimes) or outside the gallery (open continuously) in the form of portable toilets.

The gallery of the park is open daily from 09:00 to 22:00 for people and families from the surrounding area. During this time, it is not possible to operate the toilets in the gallery as unisex toilets. From 22:00 every day, these toilets are assigned to the "The View" floor and are no longer accessible through the gallery. Alternatively, you can use the toilets outside of "The Hall" from this moment onwards.

If you are interested in reading the detailed concept, please write to [email protected].

festival app

We have a festival app for Nachtiville.

We will provide you with it at a later point of time.

You can load it onto your home screen on your smartphone.

Here you can browse through the program, get to know the play times of the floors and check the rules and information again. You can mark program items that are of particular interest to you with a heart and thus put together your own desired plan for the festival.

We will provide you with information and news about this before the festival and during the festival.

Cashless Payment

At Nachtiville we use cashless payment. You can top up your credit in the run-up to the festival.

More information will be available in autumn 2024.

Do you need help? Please contact us at [email protected].


Due to the time of year, we offer you a cloakroom that is open to you during stage times.

The cloakroom is in the "Galeria", where the festival center will also be.

The cloakroom fee is 2 euros per drop-off. A cloakroom flat rate for the entire weekend is available for 5 Euros.

Check-in and Check-out


On the day of arrival (Thursday / Friday) you can check in from 8 AM. The reception at the entrance is open until 10 PM. From 10 PM to 8 AM check-in is possible at the reception in the hotel (Strandhotel).

Check out:

All rooms must be checked out by 12 AM on the day of departure. In individual cases, a check out until 2 PM can be arranged in accordance with the reception. If you want to sleep late on Sunday and enjoy the day with us, we recommend that you book until Monday and relax. The festival programme runs until Sunday night. 

When checking out, please make sure you leave your apartment as you found it. We have to charge for damage to the rooms or missing inventory afterwards. All dishes need to be cleaned and put  back in the cabinets. So leave the beautiful apartments without damage. We rely on you!

These are your to-dos when you leave:

- Don't leave trash behind

- Do not leave any substances behind! Please read our drug policy carefully!

- The dishes must be done and sorted into the cupboards.

- Please also take your deposit with you or leave it at the garbage disposal

- Please dispose of full garbage bags

- You can throw in the room card at check-in

Maximal Bus Tours

Our partner Maximal Trips brings you with special buses to Nachtiville and back. Hop on from Berlin, Hamburg or Leipzig for a safe and convenient trip.

Update 01/13/24: Friday buses from Berlin are fully booked. It's best to travel to Hamburg, from here you can still book enough tickets through Maximal. There are still tickets available for the return trip to Berlin.

Check for further information or book directly here:

Arrival and Departure

Travel by car:
Feed your route planners with the following destination:
Seestr. 1 - 23758 Weissenhäuser Strand, Germany

Arrival by car
The holiday park is located on the Baltic Sea near Oldenburg (Holstein), about 1.5 hours from Hamburg. From the Autobahn A1 drive towards Fehmarn / Puttgarden exit 10 (Oldenburg Mitte) and then follow the signs towards Weissenhäuser Strand.

Parking spaces are available on site.

Arrival by bus

Our partner maximal trips organizes bus trips for you from different cities in Germany and Europe. You can find all information on

Arrival by train:

Unfortunately, the Oldenburg (Holstein) train station, 6 km from the holiday park, is no longer served by the train. The nearest train station is Neustadt (Holstein) (approx. 25 minutes to Weissenhäuser Strand). A replacement bus will also take you from Lübeck to Oldenburg (Holstein). Due to the circumstances, we recommend arriving by car. However, taxi shuttles are available from the train station.

Alternatively, you can travel to Hamburg and book a bus ticket from Maximal directly to Weissenhäuser Strand.

Taxi Shuttle:

Taxi Kähler: +4943613232

Taxi Lens: +4943612166

Arrival by plane

The closest international airport is Hamburg. From here you can continue to Weissenhäuser Strand by bus, rental car or train.

Bowling centre

Yes, you read correctly! You can go bowling together at Weißenhäuser Strand!

Daily 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Make a reservation: +49436155 2795 


Of course! :) For the weekend you can book professional massage treatments, alone or in pairs.

Guests of the “Strandhotel” do have free access to the Spa Area “Dünenbad” incl. a selection of various saunas. All other guests can access “Dünenbad” for an entry fee.

Beauty treatments and massages can be booked in advance. Call +494361552775 and check online.

Lost and Found

We will set up the lost and found office for you at our cloak room. For further infos you'll find our info point right next to our merchandise booth inside the gallery.

Food and Drinks

In your apartments you have the opportunity to cook and take care of yourself. In the park itself you will find numerous tasty restaurants (Pizzeria, American Diner), cafes and opportunities for snacks. There is even a restaurant in the swimming pool. There is also a small supermarket at the holiday park.

Bringing drinks is not allowed in the festival locations. As a small festival, gastronomy revenues are an important part of our funding. Please save us and you the idle discussions with security and leave your drinks in the rooms.

Ticket resale

With the receipt of your booking confirmation for 2025, you are sure to be part of the festival. If you have to rebook to larger accommodation because your group size has changed, please write to us promptly at [email protected] and we will try to help you if we can.

Additional additional nights (e.g. Thursday) can also be booked.

We generally do not offer cancellations at Nachtiville.

To accommodate you, we will allow the following cancellation periods:

until June 28th 2024: Refund 80%

until July 26th 2024: Refund 70%

until August 23rd: Refund 50%

until September 20th: 25%

We're happy to help you match people from our waiting list if available. Please write to us at [email protected].

Our included booking fee of 20 Euro per person will not be refunded.

A formal change of the main person in a booking costs a single rate of 20 euros.

We look forward to seeing you in January 2025!