Nachtiville 2024 - 
Januar 19. - 22., 2024

August 16, 2023

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Dear Nachtis,

Despite the rain radar and a wet NACHTI edition we landed quite happily back home, but with our heads full of memories and our thoughts still in Olganitz. Whenever you think you've seen and experienced it all, a new year rolls in and washes up with new ideas, new people and anecdotes. We are happy about our great crew and about the best guests we could wish for. Next year, as announced, we will take a break, but we are already looking forward to NACHTI 2025 with you! 


But there is one big news, we will go back to the Baltic Sea next year! We have used the last months for discussions, evaluations and preparations. And now it's time to announce:


Nachtiville will take place from January 19 - 23, 2024.


There are some changes after the last time. Thanks to your feedback, we have evaluated and reorganized many aspects of last Nachtiville. Your criticism has been the source for this and we want to say thank you once again to all those who took the time to share their experiences with us in detail in emails.

All information about pre-registration and ticket sales can be found at the end of this newsletter. Please take the time to find out about the upcoming Nachtiville beforehand.


Our idea behind Nachtiville

For us, Nachtiville is a combination of two worlds: a varied music program on numerous floors on the one hand. And a holiday weekend with beautiful apartments, time with friends and walks on the Baltic Sea on the other. This interaction makes Nachtiville a unique setting. A rave that also offers relaxation. Celebration and recovery. If that's what you're up to, like we do, our festival is just the right thing to bridge the time until summer.

Capacities and play times

A major point of criticism was the limited capacity on the floors, especially on Sunday. In consultation with the authorities, this year the big tent is allowed to open on Sunday as well. In addition, "The View" can be enlarged and another floor will be added. We gain a lot of dance floor again and have no more restrictions on Sunday.

The playing times have been adjusted: We start earlier (Friday 6PM, Saturday 2 PM, Sunday 5PM) and close the last floors at 6AM. The program ends at 1AM on Sunday night.

There may be capacity constraints on Saturday and Sunday mornings as the tent closes at 1AM and the WaveCave closes at 3AM. However, we expect the new capacities to bring significant relief.


Drug Policy

Our Drug Policy caused quite a stir at the last edition. After feedback from our floor-crews, we had to spontaneously increase the security measures on Saturday.

This has resulted in some extremely uncomfortable situations. Many were not aware of how we expect consumption to be handled at our festival. In order to change that, we have imposed rules that apply to everyone for the upcoming festival and should ensure clarity:

  • No open consumption: Please consciously maintain your limits - open drug consumption will not be tolerated and will lead to exclusion from the event. 
  • The sale of illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Dealers will be kicked out!
  • We are obligated by the authorities to perform controls at the entrances to the floors. Please respect that the security guards will not grant access if you are found with drugs and that this can also lead to your exclusion from the event.
  • Consciously take breaks, the festival concept is ideal and intended for this. Your apartment, your castle.
  • Please leave the apartments as you find them. This also means that no substances are left behind. Please remember that there will be families holidaying here after you.
  • Administering substances (including alcohol) to other people without their knowledge (Spiking) is absolutely forbidden and will be punished with expulsion and criminal charges!
  • Take care of each other, because we all celebrate together. Pay attention to your friends and also to the other people around you. Our staff (awareness team, Secus, DRK, bar team and organization team) are there for you and also connected via radio and can organize support quickly if someone is not feeling well.

The park hosts families on vacation during most times of the year. Therefore, please respect that the visibility drug use and drugs has no place here. The public areas include in particular the "Galeria", the swimming pool and the toilet areas of the park. Realize the luxury that everyone at this festival has a private retreat.

We have booked the holiday park exclusively, so only festival guests are staying on the site. However, the swimming pool and the restaurants in the holiday park remain open to external guests during the regular opening times, as it is a public swimming pool.

We hope the rules and explanations give you a good orientation. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to us at [email protected]. We strive to answer your questions promptly.

Awareness & Security

A big point of criticism was the behavior and appearance of the securities. Some of you also reported back that you didn't notice the awareness team. The evaluation of the feedback and the corresponding assignment of the cases was very time-consuming for us, but it provided a clear picture of various situations. 

The quantitative requirements for security personnel are significantly higher at Nachtiville than at Nachti due to official requirements and the many floors. Secus are generally more present. Irrespective of this, the security work in Olganitz remains the standard and model for us.

We have therefore completely revised the security and awareness concept again this year. The most important changes for you are:

  • There will be a permanent, easy-to-find contact point for the awareness team in the Galeria.
  • Our awareness team will also be mobile on the festival site and on the floors.
  • Clear guidelines for guests and Secus in terms of rules and consequences in the event of misconduct.
  • The responsibilities of the security companies are more clearly defined.
  • Separation of responsibilities for security areas and floors.
  • Despite the quantitative demands on our Secus, we focus on the quality and qualification of the staff.

In general, it is important to us that you have a good feeling of security, especially through the bouncers. In the end, we can only succeed with the appropriate staff and we depend on mutual respect from both, our security staff and our guests.

You can rely on the fact that we will have experienced and trained staff. Security personnel who are sensitized to our scene/subculture are particularly important to us. We will inform you before the festival about how you can actively report misconduct on site.


The WaveCave was a highlight for many last year. In order to solve the weak points (especially capacity restrictions and toilet situation), we will only be able to allow participation in the parties in the swimming pool with separate tickets. That way we can clear access ahead of time and you know you're safe before you start at WaveCave. This measure was not easy for us, but after much deliberation we feel it is the best and fairest of all solutions. Tickets will be available for 10 Euros.

We will announce the line-up of the WaveCave parties and when the sale takes place at a later date.

In addition, access to the subtropical swimming pool is included in the ticket price for every festival guest during regular opening hours.



We will increase the number of toilets. This means that you will find outside toilets for the floors in the area of the Galeria and also additional toilets for the tent. Our goal is especially to relax the situation between The Hall, The View and the toilets in the Galeria. We also want to prevent corresponding conflicts with security personnel in these areas.

We see the toilet situation in the WaveCave solved due to the limitation via tickets, as there will be no access restriction in the swimming-pool itself. Please note that the restrooms in the park are public areas and drug use is explicitly not allowed here.

Music program - Line-up - Concept

The music program is ready and we are super happy about all the commitments of so many artists. Nonetheless we will only publish the line-up with the official ticket sale on August 23rd. In this way we want to give more attention to the festival concept itself. If you like our core idea of winter vacations and partying together, you can register now to buy tickets and get a limited right of first refusal.

Pre-registration - ticket sales

We are starting immediately with a pre-registration phase. The ideal time for fans from the very beginning to secure accommodation (incl. festival tickets) before the line-up is published and the official ticket hustle and bustle on August 23rd.

You can also register for different accommodations at the same time and choose which of the available accommodations you would like when booking. We process registrations chronologically, so early registrations first. You will be contacted via e-mail, so check your e-mails and spam filters if necessary.

You can find the registration in our ticket area, please register separately for each type of accommodation. Register here.

The festival program will again run for 3 nights, from Friday 6PM to Monday morning at 1AM. For the complete festival program, you book again from Friday 01/19/2024 until Monday 01/22/2024. For a relaxed arrival, we recommend that you book Thursday and set yourself up comfortably for your weekend situation.

That was a lot of info, and we hope you made it this far awake-eyed and awake-minded, because we would like to tell you that we are really looking forward to celebrating a second edition of Nachtiville with you at Weissenhäuser Strand. We hope you will be as excited as we are, and we promise to do our best to make sure that everyone will return from this weekend with lots of great memories and memorable sets in their ears. 

Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] with any questions or suggestions about the festival, we always love to read it and will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Thank you and see you soon!

Your Nachtis


One quick hack: we get the most registrations for our large 8-10-person-bungalows and our 6-8-person-garden-apartments. However, we have a maximum of 10 of the large bungalows and only 50 garden-apartments. So also register for 4-5 person apartments if you are traveling as a group. You can then also book several apartments for your group size when it is your turn. We deposit, if you wish, that the apartments should be close to each other. Good luck!