Bungalow Park De Eemhof


Thank you all!

The first edition of NACHTIVILLE was a real blast. Going on holiday with our friends, sharing a bungalow and getting crazy on 5 different stages including a stage in a tropical swimming pool is exactly what NACHTIVILLE is all about. We thank everyone for sharing these special moments with us.





"Perhaps more so than any other festival I've been to, Nachtiville did the basics brilliantly."

"To bring the German atmosphere of Olganitz and its cobbled together decor and unconditional take on music is an achievement unto itself."

"Als kleine Schwester des Nachtdigitals, das als eines der besten europäischen Festivals gehandelt wird, war der Erwartungsdruck groß – das Nachtiville hat ihm standgehalten."

"It felt like a school trip with people you want to go on a school trip with, doing stuff you’d like to be doing if it wasn’t a school trip."

"Nachtiville is most likely to become another best tradition"

"A resounding feeling of satisfaction was consistent throughout the festival and it feeling continued even after arriving back to Blighty."


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